About Us

The Limerick Clare Energy Agency (LCEA) was established with investment from Limerick and Clare
Local Authorities. The agency is also fortunate to receive sponsorship and support from Local
Development Companies in Limerick and Clare. The University of Limerick provides office
accommodation on campus at the Foundation Building.

The agency is here to provide energy efficiency solutions to organisations seeking sustainable
operation and development. The agency will have a wide remit, to provide energy services to all
economic sectors in the region.

The Limerick Clare Energy Agency is one of 13 other agencies that form an all island association.
However the agency is unique in that it was established entirely from local authority funding without
any external assistance.

Mission Statement:
“The Limerick Clare Energy Agency aims to provide energy solutions for sustainable
development in the region. The agency will provide energy services to all economic sectors
and the general public, promoting and facilitating efficiency & sustainability in the production
and consumption of energy”.

LCEA Priorities:
The priorities for the Agency are:
• Energy & Emissions Balance for Limerick & Clare
• Climate Change Strategy for Limerick & Clare
• Energy efficiency benchmarking of local authority facilities
• Energy management services to the local authority, sponsors & advice to the general
• Energy efficiency & renewable energy advice and training for community groups
• Promote an indigenous energy supply
• Promote increased use and understanding of renewable energy technologies
• Fuel Poverty Programme for Limerick & Clare
• Promote a transport strategy for Limerick & Clare