Renewable Energy Production

The counties of Clare & Limerick have been providing energy to the nation of Ireland from the foundation of the State. Though Ardnacrusha now produces less than 1% of the countries electricity, it is the birth place of Ireland’s sustainable & independent energy production and the main driver for rural electrification that enabled rural Ireland to dramatically increase agricultural production and improve living standards. Today also in County Clare Moneypoint electricity generating station is the second largest at 915 MW, producing electricity from imported coal.

The potential to produce electricity and thermal energy in Clare & Limerick is very large. Both counties have excellent wind capacities, together with wave and tidal for continued sustainable electricity production. Forestry is well developed and energy crops such as Miscanthus are thriving in County Limerick. The production of energy in the counties is presented in sections below.

  • Commercial Electricity Production
  • Commercial Thermal Production
  • Commercial Micro generation
  • Energy Crops & Bio Fuels
  • Domestic Electricity Production
  • Domestic Thermal Production
  • Domestic Micro Generation