Energy Management: SME's

Companies can make substantial savings by increasing energy efficiency.
The Limerick Clare Energy Agency (LCEA) is working to promote energy efficiency and integration of renewables in the commercial and industrial sectors. The LCEA is most anxious to support Small & Medium Sized Enterprises (SME’s) in Limerick & Clare. The main elements of any energy management system are:

  • Energy Tariff Analysis
  • Energy Rating of Domestic Buildings
  • Energy Performance Labels for Non-Domestic Buildings
  • Benchmarking Buildings & Building Services
  • Monitoring & Targeting
  • Staff Awareness

This is particularly important for SME’s.

Establishing an energy management system is a 5 step process, outlined below.

  1. Get Commitment
    • Must start at the Top
    • Energy Policy - Statement of Commitment(see Publications page)
      • Link to business objectives
      • Measurable targets
      • Allocate Responsibility
      • Link to environmental policy
  2. Understand your Energy Cost and Consumption
    • Use all available data (bill, meters etc.)
    • Conduct a site survey
    • Get 1 - 3 years bills
    • Do a spreadsheet summary of your consumption.(see Publications page)
  3. Plan and Organise
    • Use your Energy Policy to plan your aims and objectives
    • Organise the human resources
    • Identify financial resources
    • Prioritising energy schemes
    • Get support
  4. Implement the plan
    • Prioritised energy projects
    • Involve everybody
    • Identify an "Energy Champion"
  5. Control and Monitor
    • Set clear targets
    • Monitoring and targeting
    • Identify and celebrate improvement
    • Establish energy awareness campaign
    • Low/no cost measures can achieve saving of 5 - 10% in the first year!
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