Energy Efficiency Tips

Selection of tips for the Home, Business, Transport, Renewable Energy and Climate Change Reduction in the below table.



  • An Efficient Heating System (Annual Boiler Service, Boiler Upgrade, Consider Renewables) can save you 30% on your bills.

  • Insulate your Attic, Walls, Water Tank & Pipes and Save 25%.

  • Always select Appliances with A or A+ Energy Labels, Don’t leave appliances on standby and Save 20%.

Home Energy - Top 10 Tips.pdf


  • Check your Heating Timers and you could save 20%.

  • Ensure Thermostats are at the correct temperature and save 20%.

  • Lighten up, Install photocells and or presence detectors to reduce unnecessary lighting (Savings of 15%). More efficient lamps can save over 50%.

Workplace Energy - Top 10 Tips.pdf


  • Healthy Travelling- Over half of the trips we make are less than 5 kilometres (round trip), making cycling and walking an excellent option. A healthy heart can also mean a healthier bank balance.

  • Car Pooling saves you 50%.

  • Eco Driving- Avoid aggressive driving. Sudden acceleration and braking can add 25% to your fuel consumption.

Transport - Top 10 Tips.pdf

  • Solar is simple: A solar panel on your roof will always enhance the value of your property, and could provide up to 80% of your homes hot water (typically 4 – 5m2).

  • Generating Electricity: It is possible to generate your own electricity using wind, water or solar energy. Check with your local authority if you plan to erect a mast or use a water source.
  • Check the Standard of Product you install: Make sure that the product you want to install is made to a relevant EU standard. Also if you are availing of a grant (SEAI) make sure the product you are buying is listed on the schemes approved product list.
Renewables - Top 10 Tips.pdf
  • Increase your Energy Efficiency: It makes sound economic and environmental sense, expect saving of 30% +.
  • Recycle   Re-use   Refuse to use unnecessary packaging.


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