DesignPro Renewables releases illustrations of their Tidal Energy Device

23rd July 2018

DesignPro Renewables, a Limerick based company, has recenctly released images of its new 25kW tidal energy device. The device was designed using technology developed by GKinetic Energy, a renewable technology company also based in Limerick. River and tidal flows are harnessed by the device and are used to drive a turbine. This in turn produces clean, renewable energy for the end users.

The newly released design has been updated to make the device significantly easier to operate, as well as maintain. As part of the updated design, the turbine can be raised from the water without having to remove the entire device from the river of estuary. This allows easy access to the turbine blades and other components that require maintenence.

This project to commercialise this device, as well as a 60kW version, received €2.7 million in funding as part of the Horizon 2020 program. Horizon 2020 is an EU funded Research an Innovation program, which is making €80 Billion available to successful applicants from 2014 to 2020.

More information on the device and the technology used are available from the DesignPro Renewables and GKnetic website.