Community Grants

Grants are offered by the SEAI, various utility comapanies and local development organisations to develop sustainable, energy efficient communities.


Community Grants






Better Energy Communities

This grant funds the installation of building fabric upgrades, system upgrades, integration of monitoring & control systems and the integration of renewable energy sources. Available to residential & non-domestic projects. More information is available on the SEAI website.

30 % - 100 %

Sustainable Energy Community Pilot Grant

This new grant is primarily aimed at encouraging eligible Sustainable Energy Community projects to take part is small to medium energy projects. More information is available on the SEAI website.

Up to €200,000 for suitable projects

Utility Companies/ EEOS:



SSE Airtricity Community Fund


This community grant is available to local, not for profit, groups that are located near one of SSE Airtricity's wind farms. These groups must be involved in projects that have a focus on energy efficiency and sustainibility. More information is available on the SSE Airtricity website.

Case by case basis

Local Development Companies / LEADER funding

Community & Enterprise led funding projects.

Case by case basis

Sustainable Energy Communities