Business Grants

Businesses can avail of various grants and incentives to boost their profits.


Business Grants





Enterprise Ireland:



This grant provides funding for the introduction of environmental best practice systems to a company. The grant covers the hiring of an Environmental consultant, for a maximum of seven days, to introduce these systems. More information is available from the Enterprise Ireland website.

Up to €3,150

Business Process Improvement Grant – GreenPlus Assignment This grant is used to ensure than managers have a high level of environmental management skills, that there is a drive for environmental efficiency and sustainability in a number of different areas. More information is available from the Enterprise Ireland website. 
Supports up to 50% of the cost, to a maximum of €50,000




Green Enterprise

This grant scheme encourages businesses to become 'Greener' in their practices. The EPA will consider proposals on food waste prevention, construction / demolition waste, plastics and eco-design. More information is available on the EPA website.

Supports 25%-95% of the cost, to a maximum of €100,000




Ocean Energy Prototype Development Fund

A development fund designed to accelerate and enhance support for the research, development, testing and deployment of wave and tidal energy devices.

Case by case basis


Business Incentives


Revenue Commissioners:



Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA)

Tax incentive for companies paying corporation tax which aims to encourage investment in energy efficient equipment. It allows companies to write off 100% of the purchase value against their profit in the year of purchase. More information is available from the Revenue website.

Write off 100% of purchase value against profit



Clare County Council