Fuel Poverty

Fuel poverty is defined as the inability to heat one’s home to an adequate level of comfort and safety, because of low household income and poor, energy inefficient housing. The inefficiency is often a combination of:

  • No insulation in roof, walls etc.
  • Draughts coming in around poor windows and doors.
  • No insulation on heating pipes or hot water cylinders.
  • No central heating system.
  • Poor distribution and control of heat around the house.

A fuel poor household is often defined as one where the cost of heating fuel exceeds 10% of their household income. The Limerick Clare Energy Agency is working with community groups in Clare and Limerick to provide solutions to fuel poverty under the “Warmer Homes Scheme”. The Warmer Homes Scheme is administered by Sustainable Energy Ireland. The solutions will include: -

  • Attic Insulation
  • Draught stripping
  • Insulating cold and hot water pipes
  • Insulating cold-water tanks in the attic
  • Lagging jackets for hot water cylinders
  • CFL light bulbs
  • Energy advice and tips (see also the publications page)
  • Cavity wall insulation (where none already exists)

The Scheme will provide the insulation at substantially subsidised cost to eligible applicants. To be eligible you must own your home, it must need insulation, you must demonstrate a low level of income (in the form of some social assistance payment).

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